With the help of Decisive Wealth, we expanded our reach all over the country. Decisive Wealth is an independent financial advisor based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

We deployed Tabshoura’s content in educational institutions all over Lebanon, focusing on vulnerable communities. Tabshoura is our free e-learning platform that’s aligned with the Lebanese curriculum and available in 3 languages. 

Overall, we reached more than 25 institutions, deployed more than 25 Tabshoura boxes, and delivered more than 10 capacity building workshops. The aforementioned boxes refer to Tabshoura-in-a-box, the offline version of the platform. These boxes run on power banks, each one of them allowing more than 30 students to use the interactive digital content simultaneously. 

Find below the institutions we’ve reached per region in Lebanon:


In Akkar, we’ve helped Malaak, an NGO that aims at educating Syrian refugees displaced in Lebanon.



Mtein public school, which includes classes from Kindergarten to Grade 7.


– 5 Makasseds, which are polyclinics and institutional organizations.

– 5 hospitals thanks to Myschoolpulse, an NGO that brings school to hospitals in Lebanon for children undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness.


– 3 public libraries through Assabil, an NGO that promotes reading and free access to culture.

– Borderless, a volunteer-led independent Lebanese non-profit-organization with a mission to create life changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families.


– Triumphant Mercy Lebanon, an NGO that exists to take action wherever action is needed and even when it is not popular. TM Lebanon’s mindset is that no child is at lost and no situation is insurmountable.

– Immaculée Conception, a school located in Rmeil, Beirut.

– Société Saint Vincent de Paul, yet another NGO and socio-educational center.



– Kayany Foundation, a Lebanese NGO founded in response to the Syrian crisis. Kayany operates educational programs for Syrian refugee children and youth residing in the informal tented settlements (ITSs).

– 4 schools by The Social Support Society, another NGO that provides quality programs and opportunities to refugee children and senior citizens with limited access to support services and social interactions.


– Finally, we also reached Taalabaya, an underserved region in Bekaa. Check out the pictures below from our visit in Taalabaya! (You can find the full album in our Media, Gallery page)