Tabshoura is a free access digital learning platform designed to enhance teaching methodologies, change mindsets, empower vulnerable children and prevent dropouts.

It provides students with a transformative digital learning experience aligned with the curriculum learning outcomes.

All of Tabshoura content is created in house, by educators, subject matter experts, technology experts, and audio-visual creatives.

Tabshoura follows a discovery learning methodology encouraging learners to build on past experiences and knowledge, use their intuition, imagination and creativity, and search for new information to discover facts, correlations, and new truths. Learning for us does not equal absorbing what was said or read, but actively seeking for answers and solutions.

Tabshoura is in continuous development.

  • Basic Literacy and Numeracy
  • Retention support
  • Social Emotional Learning 
  • Art and culture
  • Environment
  • Digital literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • STEM
  • Communication skills


Tabshoura in a box:

Moreover, LAL offers technological solutions to the unreliability of the internet connection in remote areas.  Two offline solutions are made available: “Tabshoura-in-a-Box” and the “offline App”. The Box is a library of Tabshoura interactive content. It is a pocket size server, based on the “Raspberry Pi” technology that can hotspot up to 30 devices and connect them to the Tabshoura customized library. Children in rural, disadvantaged area can have access to innovative digital education. 

tabshoura in a box

LALmoudaress supports educators in their shift to distance and blended teaching and learning. LALmoudaress initiative is linked to a digital platform created with educators for educators.
It comprises several programs from digital methodologies to lesson plans, teaching through messenger applications using internet-free projects…

  • Teaching Resources:
    • Lesson plans
    • Projects’ guides
    • Pedagogical methods
  • Tabshoura Programs
  • Professional development
  • Discussion Forum (a safe space for educators to communnicate and share their expertise)