LAL worked with Jusoor, a nonprofit organization comprised of Syrian expatriates in Lebanon. This organization aims to support the Syrian youth in attaining its full potential through programs in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement.

For this project, we installed a dedicated e-learning platform for Jusoor’s school and loaded it with Tabshoura’s Kindergarten, Grade 6, and Middle School programs.


As usual, we worked alongside the teachers to provide them with the technical support needed as well as foster their content creation skills to enable them to use the platform freely.

At the end of this project, we were also able to give out 40 Tabshoura-in-a-box, which are the pocket-sized offline versions of Tabshoura.

Each one of these boxes allows up to 30 students to use the interactive digital content simultaneously. Imagine what having 40 of them does!