Bridg-e to High School Project

The Bridge to High School project aims at accelerating students’ learning process and measure the impact of the support units we developed. Due to new COVID-19 rules and regulations, we wanted to find a way to support teachers in distance teaching. Thus, we developed Integrated Digital Evaluation Mechanisms (IDEM) that help teachers in assessing the specific gaps as well as measure the impact of learning.

This project was funded by Malala Fund (an international non-profit organization that advocates for girls’ education).

The teachers that benefited from this project belong to 2 Lebanese organizations: Nabaa and Basmeh & Zeitooneh.

Bridge to high school Nabaa
Bridge to high school basmeh

Bridge to High School went on for a period of 2 years where we created a placement test to identify the specific learning gaps in order to address them, as well as a post-test to measure the impact of learning through Tabshoura’s digital units.

NB: Tabshoura (chalk in Arabic) is a free e-learning platform that’s aligned with the Lebanese curriculum and available in Arabic, English, and French. It offers digital support programs built on 21st-century skills fostering autonomy, creativity, and critical learning.