We are actively looking to reach more learners on Tabshoura. This is only possible thanks to the help of a network of national and international partners and collaborators. Our main aim is to further develop our platforms and deploy our programs. Thus come and partner with us to develop an educational program, supply an e-learning platform, train staff, facilitators and teachers, and help in the monitoring and evaluation.
We are always looking for new innovative solutions and ideas and are more than happy to brainstorm on developing new projects together.

DOT Lebanon

DOT Lebanon has been registered as a Lebanese non-government organization since August 2010. It focuses on working with the civil society as it plays an important role in introducing development projects in the country. The main focus of DOT is economic development – helping the community members to develop new business approaches through the use of ICT and its sectors of intervention (i.e. children & youth; development; education training; & capacity building.

World Vision

World Vision was established in 1975. It is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization working to create a lasting change in the lives of children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.


Thaki empowers refugee and disadvantaged children to learn and thrive through self-paced, motivational electronic tools. Even though technology can greatly enhance learning, especially to those with limited access to traditional educational resources, electronic devices (such as laptops and PCs) are still often retired long before their productive life is over.


Malaak’s mission is to educate “Syrian refugees displaced in Lebanon” by creating a space that is healthy and happy. Therefore, it is dedicated to ending illiteracy in the camps through education and innovative programs designed to empower families to achieve self-sufficiency. By filling these GAPS, we hope for a more promising future.


The Kayany Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free education and support services to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Its vision is to save a generation through education.


SAAS (Sakr, Awwad, Abi-Najem and Sakr) was established by lawyers having a vast experience acquired through various international and domestic law firms. They also have different and multidisciplinary backgrounds in major areas of economy, commercial law, and dispute resolution.

I Builders

I Builders is a multi-operational company in terms of services. It is a design house that handles everything related to graphics, business marketing, and the online world.

Digital Campus

Digital Campus is committed to promoting learning research, innovation and developing capacity through the use of appropriate technology. It integrates training, research and technology: “We at Digital Campus believe that technology solutions can only be effective when run alongside a quality training and research program. We work closely with local researchers and trainers to build capacity and improve long-term impact. We take a rapid and iterative approach to technical development, allowing us to deploy, refine and enhance quickly to meet end-user needs.”


MySchoolPulse is an organization bringing school to hospitals in Lebanon to children undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness. It provides learning centers in hospitals and employs teachers to educate sick students unable to attend schools.

SOCIAl support society

Established in 2006, Social Support Society seeks to help make a positive difference in the lives of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon. Originally focusing on elderly populations, SSS first began with its founding of the Active Aging House in the Borj al Borajny camp. Followed by its success, SSS gave birth to its contingent in the recently devastated Nahr el Bared camp. Recently, Social Support Society has now expanded to support programs for children and young adults.


The Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) was established by Decree # 2356, dated 10 December 1971, as a public institution having a juristic personality enjoying administrative and financial autonomy. CERD reports directly to the Minister of Education and Higher Education who acts as a custodial authority. 

In 2018, LAL signed a partnership agreement with CERD. As part of the agreement, CERD provides experts that review and validate LAL’s content and certify its alignment with the Lebanese curriculum. 


MoodleBox is a volunteer and non-profit project lead by Nicolas Martignoni on his spare time. Nicolas Martignoni is a mathematics and computer science teacher and e-learning specialist. He has been the coordinator of the French-speaking community of Moodle users since 2003. He is also the main translator of Moodle into French. He is or has been involved in the French translation of various open source software, including Stellarium, Mahara, Webtrees and ModX . He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences in French, English and German. He’s the main developer and the maintainer of the MoodleBox project.


Kytabi is a free children’s online storybook site to help underprivileged children.
The readings are available in Arabic, French and English by level A1,  A2 and B1.

The books are read by storytellers in videos. Let’s read in French, Arabic and English with Kytabi!