At LAL we design innovative e-Learning Solutions for our Tabshoura platform as well as creative projects involving arts and non-formal education under our Wirash program.
We believe in our mission statement of making the content available to all. We also believe in sustainable cooperation and lasting partnerships in the humanitarian sector in Lebanon.
Too often connections are overlooked and too little knowledge is shared, wasting chances to learn from each others’ experiences and combine strengths.
LAL’s recent projects show that our strengths lie in the quality of our content and the innovation in our approach.
With Tabshoura in a Box, a portable, battery powered server and our new Android based solution we now are able to offer off-line e-learning for regions without internet or power coverage.
But ultimately our success in confronting the regional educational crisis depends on the ability to build mutually beneficent partnerships.

On Tabshoura we are actively looking to expand our reach and can only do so by expanding our network of implementing partner NGO´s, national or international. Our usual role is to further develop our platform to suit a specific project, supply the e-learning platform, train staff of implementing partners and school teachers and help in the monitoring and evaluation. We are always looking for new innovative solutions and ideas and are more than happy to brainstorm on developing new projects together.

For Wirash we have an even more open approach. LAL is open to discuss ideas bringing valuable lessons to youth and children through workshops, training courses and events. There are many novel approaches to non-formal education out there and we are interested to hear about yours. In the past we organized projects involving, among others theater and environmental education. See here for some examples.

We partner with NGO’s, schools, educational centers, businesses and universities.