Tabshoura OPPIA Android APP

What is it?

OppiaMobile is an open source mobile learning platform for delivering learning content, video and quizzes. Learners earn points and badges for completing activities and modules.

Tabshoura Oppia is the Tabshoura version of Oppia mobile we developed. All the content of Tabshoura is hence available on the app, everywhere and at anytime as long as the app is downloaded.

‘Oppia’ is the verb ‘to learn’ in Finnish.

Why do I need one?
The courses are downloaded through Internet or by simply copying them from a device to another. All the content and activities can be accessed and used even when no internet connection is available. When a connection becomes available, tracking and quiz scores are sent back to the server for tutors, teachers and trainers to track the progress of their learners.
Where is it in use?
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How can I get one?
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How much does it cost?
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