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OFFLINE: The Tabshoura / Rapsberry Pi BOX

Tabshoura In A Box

[rara_accordian title=”What is it?”]

Small enough to fit in your pocket, MoodleBox is a universal device, Internet and Electricity independent, providing a local wireless network to which up to 30 smartphones, tablets and computers can connect simultaneously. The scope of the Wi-Fi largely covers a classroom.
The various contents of Tabshoura has been resized to fit in the memory of the box, which is based on Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspbian Jessie Lite distribution.

The image disc of the MoodleBox is a creation of Nicolas Martignoni. For more information, you can visit the official MoodleBox Website here :

[rara_accordian title=”Why do I need one?”]Depending on the capacity of the power bank used, MoodleBox can last all day long (up to 10 hours with a 7800ah power bank). This is particularly useful in areas where access to electricity is inconsistent. Also, the MoodleBox provides a complete Moodle learning environment and makes learning activities available offline, as well as enabling file sharing. Last but not least, updates of the contents are easily done by switching Micro SD cards.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”Where is it in use?”]Moodle Box is currently in use in the Beqaa Valley. The aim is to expand it to the whole territory so that as many children as possible have access to a quality education.[/rara_accordian]
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[rara_accordian title=”How much does it cost?”]Content 4[/rara_accordian]