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Finding a room in Beirut is relatively easy. You can check one of the Facebook groups for suitable offers or post a search with your own criteria. In the group “Apartments in Beirut” you will find a lot of offers, updated every day:

If you want a room, located near the office, look for apartments in Achrafieh, Badaro, or near Monot Street and Sodeco Square.

Prices for rent in these areas vary between 300$ and 500$ per month including all amenities for cleaning, waste management, water delivery, electricity and Internet. You can find cheaper accommodation in one of the more distant parts of the city.

You can always ask LAL’s team for help, if you don’t find anything suitable online. We are happy to help you!


If you’re interested in learning Arabic during your stay in Lebanon, you can choose from different reputable institutes like the Saifi Institute for Arabic Language or the Lebanese Arabic Institute. They offer courses in small groups for different levels of studies from complete beginner to more advanced students. The course duration varies, so it’s worth to check the next starting dates prior your arrival in Beirut.

Getting to know the city

If you want to meet new people and learn about the city’s history by walking around with an experienced guide, there are different walking tours offered in Beirut. The free walking tours are offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm and require an online registration on

During the tour you will discover the central Downtown area of Beirut and learn about the different stages of the city’s history.

There are also alternative walking tours which will guide you through some of Beirut’s less known neighborhoods and introduce you to the local alternative culture (i.e. graffiti art). The alternative tours are offered every Wednesday and Saturday at 10.30 am. You can find more information on

Getting Around

There is no public transportation In Lebanon. So getting around depends on your preferred way of travel.


Walking is a great way to discover your surroundings and explore different neighborhoods. Get sure that you have a bottle of water, sunglasses and/or a hat and solid shoes with you.


Service is how shared taxis in Lebanon are called. You can recognize them by the red license plate and relatively old looking appearance of the cars. When you take a service, you first must name your destination and negotiate the price with the driver. Usually service taxis charge 2000 LBP (around 1,5$) for nearby destinations or 4000 LBP for more distant ones. If you don’t want to share the taxi, the charge is usually 10000 LBP.


In Beirut there are Uber taxis available, so that you can use the Uber app and be sure that your going to arrive at the exact destination without any problems. The prices are a bit higher than for a service taxi (ranging between $3 to $6), but you get a ride in a comfortable, climatized car and don’t have to share the taxi and travel around.


There is a system of vans, which basically replaces public buses. The vans usually have fixed routes like buses. As there are no bus stops, you must know, which way a van is going and wait on the sidewalk to wave them to stop. Once inside, it’s useful to follow the route on Google Maps in order to be sure where you want to go out. Vans cost 1000 LBP per ride (less than 1$).

On these webpages you can see the route of vans traveling inside and outside of Beirut: