Amandine LESAGE – Communication Consultant

I joined LAL for a volunteering program through the AIESEC organization, with the aim of gaining experience in communication and media coordination. This opportunity has undoubtedly surpassed all expectations. My dream was to come to Lebanon, not only for the beauty of the country but also for its history, culture and dynamism.

This last aspect sits at the core of what LAL is all about: an organization driven by a dedicated and passionate team, where young people share ideas to create a truly vibrant and uniquely creative environment.

As a communication consultant, I oversaw the design of their new website, as well as the content of their social network pages.

Sarah EL HOUCHEIMI – Web Developer

My name is Sarah El Houcheimi and I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh. I started working with LAL in January 2017 and I have been enjoying every minute of it!

Besides introducing me to a diverse group of people within a comfortable, warm and fun environment, LAL has taught me a great deal about the e-learning process. Working with the amazing LAL team, I acquired many skills including website and digital resources development.

I will be leaving the LAL office in Lebanon, however, I am eager to continue this volunteering experience remotely while continuing my degree in Scotland.

Jennifer GRUND – Conflict Resolution Consultant Jennifer Grund

My Name is Jennifer Grund and I am studying International Peace and Conflict Studies in Frankfurt. I’m in love with Lebanon since I am a child and I always wanted to live and work there. So I took the chance to make an internship at LAL.

To me, the education and the access to it, are the key elements of a peaceful society. So I feel honored to be a part of LAL team and their great mission.

Beside the great people who I met during my time at the office, I also had the chance to organize a workshop for non-violent conflict resolution for children. I’ve learned a lot and I really miss the organization and the country. It is sure, that I will come back, either for work or for a visit!

Angela HANSWILLEMENKE – English Content Developer

The German „Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen“ (institution for foreign relations) – ifa gave me the opportunity to work as a CrossCulture intern for eight weeks abroad. In my home organization I councel and teach refugees in order to find jobs on the German job market.

I choose LAL as my host organization because I am looking forward to getting to know e-learning and project management processes. Furthermore I always wanted to be part of an NGO team with a valuable approach. That’s why I’m here!

Since I came to Lebanon, the LAL team welcomed me very warmly and supported me in many ways. It is a wonderful experience to work in a multi-professional team with so many creative people in an adventurous city like Beyrouth.

Laurens SASTROWIJOTO – Fundraising ConsultantLaurens SASTROWIJOTO

My name is Laurens Sastrowijoto, I am studying Public Administration and want to focus on International Relations in the near future. Through the worldwide student organisation AIESEC I got the opportunity to join LAL for an internship. After a warm welcome by the whole LAL team on the first day, I was not only asked where my interests lie so I could really focus on those, the lovely LAL team also listened to my thoughts about the goals we set for the next couple of months. I was expected to articulate myself and my opinion mattered. The warm work atmosphere made me feel at ease. The work wasn’t the only thing which made working for LAL fun and interesting, it was meeting the passionate people working at LAL.

As a fundraising intern, I helped with mapping foundations and possible partnership organisations, writing grant proposals, thinking about a funding strategy and even helped out with welcoming Malala and Tim Cook (CEO Apple) in the office!

Why I chose to come to Lebanon is because of its rich culture, history and diverse groups of people. Beirut treated me well and I will definitely come back.

Bhaskar DERCON – Fundraising ConsultantBhaskar DERCON
My name is Bhaskar Dercon and I’m studying International Relations at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. I was welcomed in to the LAL family in January 2018 as part of an AIESEC volunteering experience to Lebanon. The LAL team has been amazing to me, starting the first day we were allowed and even expected to give our input on the goals and strategy of the following months. The People at LAL offered me all the freedom I wanted and gave me the opportunity to work on the projects I found interesting. As an intern I was really lucky, in the second week of my internship the office welcomed Nobel Prize winner Malala along with Apple CEO Tim Cook to talk to girls from Lebanon and Syria their story where really touching and sincere. It was heartwarming to see and I am really grateful that LAL gave me the opportunity to experience this and meet such inspiring people. It was a pleasure to work with the team although I am not quite ready to leave yet!

Francesco NARDONE – Science Developper

Hi I’m Francesco.

I’m from Italy but I currently live in the Netherlands.

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to be in this amazing country and volunteer with LAL.

I was welcomed by an incredibly motivated and stimulating team.

I hope to learn much from them and help realize the dream of accessible quality education for all.

Nicole Van BATENBURG – Journalist & Researcher

My name is Nicole van Batenburg and I’m studying towards a Masters Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam. I joined LAL for a volunteering program through AIESEC, with the aim of improving my journalism skills and gaining experience in the non-profit sector. For many years I have known I want to become an international journalist who is focused on world problems and cultural differences. It is one of my dreams to do something which has a big impact on life threatening problems such as poverty, war, social inequality or other global issues like sustainability and education.

I’m really looking forward to volunteer for LAL this upcoming 7 weeks, since I will work with very friendly people who share the same goal: creating a better world. If you want to know more about my stay in Lebanon, feel free to follow the website I created with three other Dutch students or follow me on Instagram. In the hours I’m not focusing on my own research for my masters or this internship, I will focus on exploring the country on my race bike that I took with me from the Netherlands!

Nilüfer HACIOSMANOĞLU – Architecture student & Journalist

Hello I am Nilüfer, an Architecture and Design student at Istanbul Ozyegin University.

I’ve had a chance to work as an intern in LAL through AIESEC. I am very excited for the experience waiting for me. It will be both interesting and fun to make content for educational purposes. It is great to be a part of a team that is passionate about education and understands the power of accessing to people willing to learn through internet. Hope to learn a lot from here.


Nesrine DANDACH – Commerce Internationnal


Je suis Nesrine et je vis à Bruxelles.

J’ai la chance d’avoir été acceptée pour ce projet avec LAL. L’équipe est géniale et vous vous sentez comme chez vous. Le chemin se dessine tout doucement pour l’amélioration de l’éducation au Liban et cela se passe grâce à ce genre d’initiatives. Chaque moment qu’on accorde aux enfants et à leur éducation est une chose qui n’a pas de valeur et j’encouragerai tout le monde à faire de son mieux pour donner la possibilité aux adultes de demain d’être éduqués et d’avoir accès à une éducation de qualité.