• Is your organization concerned about education issues in Lebanon?
  • Are you interested in empowering vulnerable communities?

The educational crisis caused by the Syrian emergency is far from over. Combined effort continues to be needed to get and keep more children in school and enable them to overcome existing learning gaps. No single NGO or project can achieve this by itself. Ultimately our success in confronting the crisis depends on the ability to efficiently work together.
With Tabshoura, LAL has a methodology that is both compatible with the Lebanese school curriculum and proven to work in the field. While we continue to improve and expand Tabshoura, we are always in need of more implementing partner NGO’s, national or international. We are just as much open to cooperate in the development of concept notes for new project as we are in making Tabshoura available for existing projects in need of better teaching materials. Our main goal is to make our content available to as many children in need as possible.
Feel free to contact us to share ideas, express interest in our platform or to schedule a presentation of our newest version of Tabshoura.

We also offer creative workshops under the WIRASH program.

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