By Mohamed Kasrawi

April 18th , 2018 – Beirut, Lebanon

For the last weeks, the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) and the Lebanese Alternative Learning (LAL) have shared their resources to develop online modules and help Lebanese citizens across Lebanon to better understand both the new voting process and the new voting ballot.
The modules are friendly and easily accessible by the Arabic speaking citizen. The interactive activities were built while keeping in mind voters who are used to the previous voting process. The fun modules were also developed in order to help younger voters exercise their civic right for the first time.

“During the awareness sessions we are providing in the different cities in Lebanon, people are still asking about the option of crossing out names and adding other ones”, explains Youssef HAJJ ALI, a researcher at LADE. He then adds, “This is the first time citizens aged between 21 and 29 years will be able to vote. They speak the web language and have a lot of questions. This project is one of many that try to answer their questions and to encourage their participation in the democratic process.”

Mohamed KASRAWI, projects coordinator at LAL, described the origins of this partnership.
“The idea started when I was in the van on my way to work. One passenger was explaining to another person how to vote. He was so sure of himself, yet the information he was giving was more confusing than helpful. I am a teacher and I work in an NGO that helps teach students and adults in Lebanon through digital solutions. I felt I have a role in explaining to the youngsters how to vote. LADE was the obvious partner for this project.”

The first module allows the user to better understand the voting process and the steps to follow inside the electoral office and the common mistakes to avoid.

You can check it out here:

الإنتخابات النيابية اللبنانية : آلية التصويت

كيف وليش؟

الأسئلة والأخطاء الشائعة

The second module helps the user to deal with the voting ballot through 3 activities aiming at reading the ballot, using it and avoiding the common mistakes.

You can check it out here:

الإنتخابات النيابية اللبنانية : ورقة الإقتراع

كيف أقرؤها ؟

ورقة الإقتراع: كيف أستخدمها؟

ورقة الإقتراع: أجرب وأكتشف