By Florian Müller

West Bekaa March 12 2018

The Tabshoura team is proud to announce that the first Tabshoura Boxes were donated to four schools participating in the Girls Can Count project. The project will use interactive e-learning teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math to underprivileged girls to help them break the stereotype that their male peers are better in these subjects. For the occasion, LAL teamed up with Digital Opportunity Trust Lebanon, who will be implementing the entire teacher training for the project.

The Online version of the Girls Can Count Project can be accessed here. You can access it with your facebook login.

The donation of the Boxes marks the start of the pilot phase of Girls can count, which is funded by the Malala Fund headed by Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. For the occasion LAL received Sawsan Samara, Middle-East Regional Representative of the Malala Fund, who heads Malala’s Gulmakai network in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


Tabshoura In A Box is a pocket sized server capable of creating an e-learning hotspot for up to thirty devices. It is based on the low cost Raspberry Pi single board computer and needs neither stable power nor an internet connection to run. It is based on the image of the MoodleBox created by Nicolas Martignoni. The girls in the four schools connected their computers to the Box without a problem and already demonstrated a great will to learn during test sessions.