Dude, where is my candy wrap?

Aiming to change the garbage crisis into and opportunity for alternative learning and creative intervention at schools, Lebanese Alternative Learning (LAL) has launched “Dude, Where’s My Candy Wrap?” in collaboration with one of Lebanon’s leading waste-management initiatives, Cedar Environmental.

The Lycée Verdun participating school took on the challenge to collect its plastic waste over a four months period in order to transform it into an eco-friendly bench using Cedar Environmental patented technology.  “Our goal is to provide students with applied knowledge, enabling them to face today’s challenges, explains LAL CEO Nayla Fahed, and we are very excited to launch this intervention with Cedar Environmental in the hopes that more and more schools will follow.”

Ziad Abi Chaker, founder of Cedar Environmental, is also passionate about teaching kids and young adults about recycling. “There are vast uses for recycled plastic; it is really a matter of practicing collecting it so that it doesn’t become waste but, rather, raw material.” Ziad spoke to the students at the school to guide them through the process of recycling. The plastic successfully collected by students has been sent to Cedar Environmental’s factory.

And know, dude, don’t look for my candy wrap again, because it is in that beautiful bench!

March 2016-Novembre 2016


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