What is MakeSense?

Date February 20th, 2016
Time 10h-13h
Location AUB
Category Conferences & Seminars
Organizer MakeSense
Website https://www.makesense.org/

MakeSense is all of us. It’s an open project that brings together a community of passionate people.
MakeSense is an international community that rallies SenseMakers and Gangsters in 128 cities across the world to help social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges. By putting together our skills and ideas, we can help social entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses and solve the most pressing issues faced by society in such arenas, such as: education, health, environment, food, etc.

LAL’s Hold-Up
A special hold-up was dedicated to LAL. The objective of this event was to come out with a business plan and sustainability strategy for LAL.
3 presentations introduced the workshop: the first was given by Elsa Abi Khalil, MakeSense community’s Developer, who introduced the Hold-Up procedure. The second was given by Sarah-Jane Fahed, MakeSense’s Facilitator, who exposed the challenges that LAL is facing. Lastly, the third was given by Nayla Zreik Fahed, LAL’s President, who presented the NGO’s mission. The presentation was followed by the hold-up. Several AUB students participated in the brainstorming and came up with recommendations for LAL.

Nayla Zreik Fahed & Zena Takieddine participated in the HoldUp.