Elementary Cycle I: In Parternship with Right To Play

In 2021, LAL partnered with the renowned Right to Play organization to create a magical elementary school program for Cycle I. Cycle I introduces story-based learning taking the learners into a journey through the learning objectives of the official curriculum in a fun and interactive way.

For each grade level, the team created a cast of characters that quickly became the students’ friends, accompanying them on their wonderful adventures from home to school, to the park, and to the farm, and helping them learn languages, explore scientific concepts, and solve mathematical exercises.

However, Cycle I wasn’t just about academics. It was also about honing the children’s social and emotional skills and fostering responsible citizenship. The team carefully crafted the characters to be inclusive and representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences. They made sure that the students, even those learning remotely, were able to master the objectives of all Cycle 1 subjects while learning empathy, respect, and other numerous invaluable life lessons along the way.

And so, the magical learning journey continues, teaching children knowledge that is beyond reading, writing, and counting. The partnership between LAL and Right to Play also centers around creating a nurturing environment that helps students develop into socially- responsible citizens and well-rounded individuals.