Amani NASR

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein

I am majoring in Civil Engineering because I am fascinated by large structures, towers and bridges. By choosing something I love, education suddenly transformed from a boring thing I have to do into a fun thing I want to do. My interest in Girls Can Count project stems from my belief that everyone deserves the chance I’ve been given to pursue education and do what they love.


80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
Pareto Principle

After majoring in Telecommunications, I realized my passion lies elsewhere and oriented my career towards the world of Data. Since then, I try to convince people around me to do something they love for a living. Being passionate about what we daily do is very important to me.

As a math enthusiast, I joined the Girls Can Count project to facilitate the teaching of this beautiful subject. Since I believe that the whole educational system is wrong, I see a bright future for LAL, because of the values they defend and the change it wants to accomplish.

Rybal Chebly

Only the Fruitful Tree will Have Stones Thrown At.

I majored in Electro-mechanical engineering; I am an outgoing and composed person and always aiming high while consistently striving for success and great achievements.

Marlyne KARIM

I am Civil Engineering graduate and I helped in developing the content in Tabshoura STEAM because nothing feels better than sharing what you know with people who want to learn from you.

I hope that my contribution can make a difference.

Andréa FAHED Fundraiser & Event Organizer

I have organized several fundraising events for LAL, among them: two “Du bac à la scène” theater plays, a race for education, a movie screening and I have participated in the planning of various LAL workshops, events, and projects.

I have enjoyed working “backstage”, as a fundraiser, because I understood the value of these donations. As well as fieldwork, as a planner and assistant in various workshops, which gave me the opportunity to have interactions with the children LAL is helping.

Sarah Jane FAHED Field Coordinator

Hello! My name is Sarah-Jane
I was a LAL volunteer from January 2016 to March 2016. This 3 month were super awesome! I had an overview of the diverse work of LAL: I’ve been to schools in the Bekaa to interview the teachers about Tabshoura, supported in the movie making of the Tabshoura’s website and created content for social media and the website!

The (super) team was composed of a dozen people working on Tabshoura kindergarten.
I’m happy to see that in less than a year a lot of people joined the LAL’s family and contributed to the quick growth and the great work for alternative ways of learning adapted to all!