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Reach to Teach with DrosBox

DrosBox is the project of a team at LAL led by Patrick Habib and Yorgui Beylouni, and funded thanks to MIT’s Refugee Learning Accelerator. It aims to help teachers and students living in vulnerable communities get access to quality education.

In a nutshell, DrosBox is a device that allows institutions and teachers/trainers to both upload pre-existing digital content or training resources and to create their own customized material, tailored to their public needs.

It is powered by WordPress, a globally-used platform that is customizable and user-friendly. It supports more than 120 languages, including Arabic.

It uses H5P, a WordPress plugin that turns static content into interactive material and is able to provide instant feedback.

By transforming your Raspberry Pi into a mobile Server that acts like a WIFI hotspot, the DrosBox image can run on a simple power bank in order to offer an offline solution to hard-to-reach communities.

The combination of these features makes DrosBox a unique and reliable deployment system available at the click of a button. The DrosBox image is available on our website for free and comes pre-loaded with a tutorial and samples to guide the teacher.

We believe DrosBox can make a significant impact for education across the world. We’re happy to put technology to use as to facilitate access to quality teaching for those that need it most, and get them, in turn, to think outside the box!

What is DrosBox?

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