Visit to Mavi Kalem October 10th 2017 Balat-Istanbul- Turkey

During my recent stay in Istanbul, I visited local NGO Mavi Kalem. Their office is located in the fascinating area of Balat, a UNESCO world Heritage site. Once the historic rich Jewish Quarter, nowadays mainly populated by immirgrants, Balat is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul.I arrived at Mavi Kalem for lunch. The offices are in an old house and you directly feel welcomed by a wonderful team of young enthusiastic girls.

Nayla Fahed and Nuran Kizilkan at Mavi Kalem

And guess what, Mavi Kalem came up with this wonderful idea of having an in-house cook. So, I enjoyed a proper home-cooked meal together with the team. After lunch I visited different departments of Mavi Kalem, located in another old house not far from the first. As an outcome of this visit, came the idea of translating our Tabshoura science content into Turkish! I would like to thank the wonderful ladies at Mavi Kalem for the warm reception, good food and productive afternoon.