Date Monday, March 20, 2017 - Friday, March 24, 2017
Time 10h -17h
Category Conferences & Seminars
Organizer UNESCO and UNHCR

We, at LAL, believe that ICT can play a major role in educating children in Emergencies and crises. ICT resources are motivational, easily scalable, and hence easily deployed to many users. They allow children fill the gaps, learn at their own pace develop their critical thinking and self-confidence. We developed and e-learning resource, the Tabshoura free digital learning platform and came with an off-line solution, “T in a box”.

The workshop will introduce the participant to the platform and make them participated actively in contents creation. Hence, the workshop has 2 related objectives: Using the Tabshoura digital learning platform and creating adapted resources.

The participants will be introduced to the platform and use it. This allow them to familiarize with our teaching approaches, our contents and our procedures.

Nayla Zreik Fahed & Muriel Albina attended the conference and conducted several workshops on Tabshoura in a box.